Bowfishing at Cajun Resort of Louisiana



Cajun Resort’s most popular inshore and offshore fishing option

Offering inshore and offshore bowfishing charters in Leeville, LA and the Gulf of Mexico. Our inshore shore boats are equipped with triple gator tails and enough LED lighting to light up the entire marsh. Our guides have over 16 years' experience in the guided fishing industry and are really passionate about the outdoors. 
We use a compound bow with specially designed reels and line. The fish are shot with the arrow and then reeled in. Simply put, bowfishing is fishing with a bow and arrow. The evening begins with a traditional Louisiana meal then a quick lesson on using the bow and some practice shots at the dock. After, we continue with an exciting ride through the Leeville marsh with in itself will be a highlight of your trip.


Once the darkness comes upon us we stop the boat to turn on the LED deck lights, the creatures of the marsh come alive. Fish appear everywhere in the surrounding waters, and the fun begins. We will give everyone their gear and their spots on the boat and then the action begins! Our experienced deckhand will hand you your drinks, clear your line, and anything else you may need so you can focus your attention on fishing. Bowfishing brings fishing to a whole new level, as the fisherman is now more involved, rather than quietly waiting for a fish to bite. 


Bowfishing Packages

Inshore Bowfishing Excursion

4 person minimum and 6 person maximum per vessel *
Includes fishing trip, fish cleaning, lodging & meals
Redfish, Black Drum, Sheepshead, Garfish, and Speckled Trout are targeted Inshore.

Offshore Bowfishing Excursion 

6 person minimum and 8 person maximum per vessel *
Includes fishing trip, fish cleaning, lodging & meals
Maui Maui, Snapper, Sharks, Trigger Fish, and anything else that swims near us are targeted Offshore.

Lodging for non-fishing or hunting guest

Meals for non-fishing or hunting guest

Airport transfer roundtrip

Give us a call for special group or weekend rates and packages. Multi-Day packages are available upon request.